5 days!?

The biggest challenge of was that the site had to be online within 5 days.


A core element of the site is the planning system. This system runs via a plugin that's called simplybook.


Creating a modern look and feel without existing material. To fill this in properly, we opted for an illustrated design.

Corona Testspot

5 days!? The time frame seemed too short for a project like this. A project that is expected to have hundreds of visitors online every day. An advantage, which was also a disadvantage, was that initially there was no material available. By this I mean elements such as your own corporate identity, typestyle, font, logo and photos. The disadvantage was that all of this still had to be designed, the advantage was that everything was possible and this could be solved in a creative way. I therefore advised the clients of corona testspot to go for an illustrative design. Illustrations in web design is a trend that has made significant strides in the year 2020. They give you complete freedom of design and profile a memorable, modern and soft look. Subsequently, a logo was also developed for this. Partly thanks to good communication, quick action and targeted feedback, we quickly arrived at the desired result.

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