How nice that you want to learn more about me, my name is Frank van Mourik and this is my story

A look back in time

My story

2 core values ​​for me are fun and passion, 2 core values ​​that have led to the creation of FVMWorks. My story, it all started 15 years ago.

Have you ever had that moment during your younger years when you saw or heard one of your parents, idols, superheroes or stars do something and you thought "I want that too!" So that was me, little Frank, sprinting through the house, my father busy working, but this time with something I had never seen before. Immediately I slowed down and checked with dad what he was up to. I saw him making digital edits and was then incorporating them into a website. Where I was only familiar with pen, paper and on a good day also managed to find a marker or brush, a new world opened up for me. My first reaction: “Dad, can / may I do that too”. Pleasantly surprised, my father responded with “of course”! That same day I spent some hours tinkering, no idea what I was doing exactly, but that didn't stop me! The next day I came back after school, I asked if I could edit / work with Macromedia Fireworks again. Unfortunately that was not possible because my father was busy. This did not discourage me, because little Frank saw another solution and asked: "Could I get that program on my pc too?". That's where "creator" Frank was formed.

It started with small edits for games, making team logos, editing pictures, but also designing school projects. I became so handy that I started receiving questions from my father, asking how he could make certain adjustments. In return I started making small edits for him here and there. I also took part in a skin contest for League of Legends, but unfortunately was not yet able to compete with the real professionals.

Eventually the time came when I had to choose a study program, I knew that design was my passion and that I enjoyed it a lot. However, with the Nature and Health with Béta + profile, I could go in any direction and really looked at all the courses. My choice eventually fell on Business Innovation, a study aimed at the larger process, starting from problem analysis, to creation, to follow with concepting and implementation. An opportunity to expand my knowledge and approach to doing business, but first I had to pass through a selection of 360 students, where only 120 were chosen.

During this study, we received a new project from real clients each new bloc. Clients from all sizes big and small, but the most mention worthy are SAP, Rabobank, Ordina, Vanderlande and Coca Cola. I really liked the study and thanks to my interest and pleasure in the program I managed to obtain my Masters diploma with the predicate Magna Cum Laude in 2020.

Curious to see what we could do together? Get in contact or see who preceded you at my projects!

My clients

Cooperated with

Awards and Recognitions

Master Business Innovation
Krekel Innovation Award
International Innovation Challenge
Ordina Innovation Challenge

Editing programs I use


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, for creating vector designs, logo's and much more. Perfect for keeping your images lightweight, without barely losing any quality, resulting in well optimized websites.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an amazing tool for creating amazing small video edits, to give your site that real "WOW" look. It's not the first program a programmer might think of, but an amazing one when well combined together.

Adobe After Effects

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. My favorite software for editing code in either HTML, CSS or PHP.

Sublime Text 3

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, is one off if not the best editing software out in the market. For every project I use Adobe Photoshop, either to edit, resize, experiment or prototype some of my ideas.

Adobe Photoshop

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